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 Here at Sunshine Puppies we believe for every person there is the perfect puppy and for every puppy there is that perfect person.

Our online home (http://www.sunshinpuppies.com) offers  potential puppy adopters lots of information about us and our puppies for sale/adoption. Feel free to browse all our pages. If you would like to e-mail us our e-mail is sunshinepuppies@mail.com

Contact Phone information:
We are a professional breeder that offers our buyers the best companion puppies. Our breeding program is focused on  HEALTHY, HAPPY, COMPANIONS.  My family has been breeding for since the early 1990's. During  this time we have learned the best and the worst things about breeding along the way. I know and understand it takes unconditional commitment to raise healthy, happy puppies.  We are professional breeders  This is not my job, it is my passion.  I aim to make each generation of our  puppies better then the last. Each breeding we do is planned out and their is a reason for each one. Our breeding programs have taken many generations to prefect and we always work to improve on them.

We LOVE to raise puppies, and love the families we meet and the lives we change with our bundles of joy. Our babies and adults are raised in happy, healthy, clean, socialized home environment. Each one means the World to us.  It not only takes love, passion, education and effort to be successful breeders, it takes years of experience

 It is impossible to explain to you the amount of time being a professional breeder requires. It is a never ending task; there are no sick days, holidays or even short days. This takes 24/7 and we love every minute of it :0) . When you adopt one of our puppies you know you are supporting a professional breeder. As a professional we take great pride in our passion of raising happy, healthy, socialized puppies for our puppy parents everywhere.

We are proud to say we are inspected by the state of Missouri and our vets on a regular basis. When it comes to picking up your puppy. We enjoy having you come to our home to pick up your new companion in person. We love to meet our clients in person, most of them LOVE to meet us. When this is not possible then we do offer delivery with an additional fee.  


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